Malachite Midwives is a group midwifery practice founded upon the following principles...




~ Support, Trust, and Empowerment

SUPPORT for the intense work that the childbearing year requires.  TRUST in the innate ability of women to birth their babies. EMPOWERMENT of families to achieve their best pregnancies & births possible.

~ Holistic Care

We strive to provide care which cultivate physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual health.

~ Partnership with Families

We aim to engage in shared decision-making according to the wisdom of women and the values of their families.


Malachite is widely known as a stone of transformation, used to guide us through times of transition and growth.

~ ~ ~

The malachite stone has been called “the midwife stone”.  It is believed to resonate with the female reproductive organs, alleviate cramps and facilitate childbirth by lessening labour pains.

~ All about Malachite ~


In the middle ages, malachite was attached to the side of an infant’s cradle to ward off evil spirits and allow the baby to sleep more soundly.

~ ~ ~

In a variety of times and cultures, malachite has been considered a gemstone of women and has been dedicated to Egyptian, Roman and Norse Goddesses.