About Us


Malachite Midwives is a group midwifery practice founded upon the following principles...

Support, Trust, and Empowerment

SUPPORT for the intense work that the childbearing year requires.  TRUST in the innate ability of women to birth their babies. EMPOWERMENT of families to achieve their best pregnancies & births possible.

Holistic Care

We strive to provide care which cultivate physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual health.

Partnership with Families

We aim to engage in shared decision-making according to the wisdom of women and the values of their families.


The Malachite Stone

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Equity Statement

The team at Malachite Midwives maintains a commitment to social justice. We recognize that discrimination and systemic marginalization of people based on ability, age, class, economic status, educational background, ethnicity, gender, language, race, religion, sexual orientation, and reproductive and parenting decisions, perpetuates social inequity. We seek to foster an equitable, anti-oppressive environment that is welcoming, safe, accessible and inclusive to all of our staff and clients.

Doing our part for a Clean Environment:

  • We use primarily non-toxic cleaning products.

  • We provide paperless information and handouts through our website, to reduce paper usage and waste during your care.

  • The paper in our office all comes from a 100% recycled source.

  • We reuse paper as frequently as we can to reduce medical paper waste.

  • Our clients and their newborns use linens rather than paper drapes during their visits.

  • Our front lawn has been converted into an organic vegetable garden.

  • We compost all food waste, which provides nourishment for our vegetable garden.

  • We strive to reduce medical waste by using many instruments that can be sterilized, rather than disposable equipment.


Green Energy provided by Bullfrog Power: We have eliminated our business’s electricity-related emissions footprint by using Bullfrog Power. This organization injects clean, renewable power onto the grid to match the amount of power that we use at the Malachite house. Please visit the website: http://www.bullfrogpower.com to gain more information about this unique sustainable energy company.